• Mike Gibson

Team Selection Notice

Junior Worlds, Pickos, Florida, USA, 18-23 Aug 2020

University Worlds, Dnipro, Ukraine, 22-27 Sept 2020

+35 Worlds, Baurech Lake, France, 14-20 Sept 2020

Would all skiers who wish to be considered for the above Teams, please email to

krfirth@xtra.co.nz by Wed 18th March 2020, the following details;

· Which Team you wish to apply for.

· Date of Birth - Junior Worlds, no older than 16 on 31th Dec 2019, - +35 Worlds, at least 35 on 31stDec 2019.

· No need to send in scores as we will use the NZ Ranking List. Please check that list and advise me of any relevant scores that are not included, along with Tournament Code (very important for overseas results).

· If NZ Ranking List cannot supply 6 scores in each event from past 2 seasons with maximum of 3 from any one site, please advise reason why, eg. injury

· For University Worlds, see information regarding eligibility [CLICK HERE]

· Remember, you need to be a current member of NZTWSA to be considered for selection.

Please keep me updated on any better performances you achieve up until the Teams are announced. Junior Worlds and University Worlds will be announced at Nationals Prizegiving, +35 Worlds announcement may be later, depending on nominations received.


Kevin Firth, Convenor of Selectors.

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